"Indulge in self-care & be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world." ~ Pema Chodron

Hi, I am Noemi!

I am a Frankfurt-based Yoga teacher (American Yoga Alliance certified) with the intention to support you on your own Yoga journey. I love to share the practice of Yoga as a tool for a holistic approach to a more conscious and mindful way of living – not only on the yoga mat but in your daily life! Through Yoga, I believe that we are able to find a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and others, we learn to open our eyes to the people and things in front of us and we practice how to calm our minds by being present.

My classes are energetic, creative and also relaxing where I pay particular attention to a correct and safe alignment. I love working with certain themes, such as "gratitude", "letting go" or specific muscle and Asana groups and with this I enjoy integrating special songs, short inspiring poems or a suitable meditation. It is my passion to create a space full of good energy, joy and love where you can fully accept and be yourself. 


No matter where you are on your yoga journey, I would love to support you on this beautiful path of self-development and exploration! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, Noemi


  • 200h Teacher Training at Balance Yoga Studio in Frankfurt with Ilana Begovic
  • currently 300h Anusara Teacher Training at Yogatribe Studio in Berlin with Kai Hill

What else describes me?

Travel Enthusiast

What I love most about travelling is that it gets me out of my comfort zone, it challenges me to think differently and I always come back with a more open mind towards different cultures and a way of life. After six months road-tripping through East Africa, South America and New Zealand, especially in the most remote places, I felt better connected to myself than I have ever felt before. That's when I knew it was time to change things up and follow a different route!

Active & Healthy Lifestyle

Next to Yoga, I enjoy circuit training, skipping and being in the outdoors for hikes or nature walks with our dog. Within the last two years, I changed my diet and became vegetarian at first and now almost fully vegan (I simply love desserts too much!). The practice of Yoga opened my eyes to a more peaceful and non-harmful way of living, which I try to implement increasingly in my daily life.

Coffee Addict

Well, what can I say... There is not one morning that goes by where I open my eyes and the first thought popping into my head is not my oat-latte with perfectly steamed milk. Some might call this an addiction, but for me it is pure happiness. On our road trip across East Africa, South America and New Zealand, it became a daily routine to enjoy a cup of locally brewed coffee whilst watching the sunrise followed by yoga and meditation. Those mornings were just magical!

"Noemi is a wonderful yoga teacher. I specifically like her kind and personable teaching-style. In all the hours I have attended so far, I feel very comfortable being led by her! She always finds the right words at the right time for the class.
After a yoga class with Noemi, you just feel awesome. Be sure to try it!"

- Simone -

"Yoga with Noemi always means a little break from my daily life. A reminder of the really important things and precious time with a close friend. Her classes help me to reconnect my body and my mind. If my mind doesn't start to calm, Noemi's clear words help me to do so. The softness in her voice and the well-placed pauses guides me and provides me with space to be myself. Thank you Noemi for enchanting my little reality again and again with your big laughing heart."
- Leli -

"The special thing about Noemi is that she wants to pass on her passion for yoga and meditation to her students. Her confident teaching style gives me a strong sense of trust in her as a teacher and it increases my own self-confidence. For me a yoga class with Noemi is therapeutic and I manage to leave my environment and everyday life completely behind me for the time with her on the mat."
- Karo -

"Noemi is a wonderful teacher.. Practicing Yoga with her feels so good and is a lot of fun."
- Lisa -

Open Hearts, Wild Souls & Peaceful Minds